Best Time Attack Wheels

This is the first review we’ve done on the Time Attack Builders website, and there will be a lot more to come. But why we’ve chosen wheels as a first is because it’s such a personal area of any build. Most people chose wheels based on their looks and I would say it’s the exception that chose purely on performance. And with that in mind, we’re choosing wheels here based on performance and aesthetics – this is time attack after all. And there are no better performing wheels than proper motorsport wheels, so that’s where we’ll be concentrating and hence why the price brackets are quite high. Please note all values are based on US prices.

Under $1500

XXR 527 Forged

Yes that’s right, a forged wheel from XXR. XXR have been known for their great value cast wheels – a lot of which have ben used at club level motorsport. But only this year XXR have taken the plunge and taken the 527 design and created a forged version. While not available in a huge range of sizes (in fact only 2, 18×9 and 18×10) they will still appeal to a wide range of competitors. And with the 18×10 weighing in at just 19 pounds, it’s competing with wheels many time their price. To me, the XXR 527 Forged is a great looking motorsport wheel, and while it wont appeal to everyone, from a performance stand point it cannot be beaten for value.

Starting at $325 a wheel it’s the perfect wheel for the budget conscious build.

TSW Nurburgring

I’ll be the first to admit that these aren’t the nicest looking wheel around, but when you’re looking at the lower end of the price range for forged wheels unfortunately you don’t have a hell of a lot of choice. What you do have with these TSW Rotary Forged wheels is a large range of sizes from 17 to 22″ and from 7.5 to 11″ in width – and most importantly an 18×10.5 that is perfect for time attack tyre sizes. But the best bit os the pricing – from just $248 a wheel.

Available in black, mirror cut and bronze.

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3

Team Dynamics wheels are best known for their light weight cast and forged wheels used in many touring car championships throughout the world. Their wheels are great value and have the backup of actual motorsport use, unlike many other aftermarket wheels. The Pro Race 1.3 comes is a good range of sizes and finishes including up to 18×10 that is the go to tyre size for most time attack builds.

And getting a complete set under $1500 is no problem at all.

Under $4000

Rays TE37 SL

This wheel is pretty much the default wheel of time attack. By far the most used time attack wheel, the TE37 is light and strong because of its’ forged manufacture, and on top of that is simply a great looking wheel that has plenty of room behind it for big brakes. Available in more sizes and offsets that you can poke a stick at, the TE37 also has various offshoot limited edition, lighter weight relatives that only extend the range of this awesome wheel.

When people think of forged light weight wheels, this is what comes to mind. Don’t expect them to come in cheap in the larger sizes, but this is a very good value wheel.

OZ Racing Challenge HLT

Believe it or not this light weight wheel from OZ Racing is in fact a cast wheel. It’s high strength comes from a special heat treating process that allows the wheel to have similar strength and weight characteristics to a forged wheel. When you cut your teeth in Formula 1 and the WEC you can be sure that wheels coming out of this factory are some of the best around.

In sizes ranging from 18×8.5 to 18×12, the OZ racing Challenge HLT is a great addition to any time attack build.

Motegi Racing MR221 Traklite

Motegi have developed this 2 piece forged motorsport wheel for the serious track enthusiast.  With pricing starting at under $600 a wheel they are a great value as well as great looking proposition. Available in 17×7 up to 19×12 the Traklite has a size and finish to suit your build and doesn’t feel as out of reach as some of the other forged motorsport wheels on the market.

The matt black standard finish looks tough and this timeless design will stand the test of time.

Over $4000

Forgeline GE1

Easily one of the best looking wheels around, the centrelock only Forgeline GE1 is a true motorsport wheel and is available is some great sizes, like the 18×12 – perfect for all those super wide body, slick tyred time attack builds. And while they are hugely expensive, it’s not as bad as you might think. Starting at $1600 a wheel isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. If I could afford any wheels, these would be it.

HRE R101 Monoblok

HRE have some incredible looking light weight forged wheels, and when money is no object you won’t mind dropping over $2,000 per wheel on these. While not really available in the smaller sizes they’ll only really suit big budget builds anyway. As for colours and finishes, they can pretty much make whatever you want.

The step up from the R101 wheels are the R101LW (standing for light weight). And starting at just 16 pounds for a 19″ wheel is really quite amazing, although sizing is the limiting factor here. If it were us we’d happily go with the standard old R101’s.

Braid Forged I

Braid have always specialise in motorsport wheels and as such are leaders. Their forged range which includes this model fit the bill when absolute performance is the defining factor. This forged wheel has hollow spokes with spherical milling, creating an I-beam structure. The final result is a wheel even lighter and stronger than the other standard forged wheels an in some cases this reduction in weight can be over 2 pounds.

But when this level of engineering detail is included into a design, don’t expect them to come cheap. Braid Forged wheels start at around $1100 per wheel.