Jumping In Feet First – The PE Racing Pedal Box

Tell us a bit about you and your business.

My name is Daryl Perusic. As a child I was always intrigued with how things worked, and spent a lot of time making things (some things don’t change). Even had to make my own toys. Typically my first pushbike was made from three busted ones.

And now, a family man who loves the outdoors, I have a wonderful wife, been together for 28 years now. We have 3 kids (all adults now), oldest being Julian who shares the same passion from his childhood, has completed his qualifications in Auto Electrical, works at Corse Automotive & Motorsport, we still work together on common projects.

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a passion & involvement in Motorsport for over 28 years. PE Racing evolved from Perusic Engineering (PE). PE have been in business 10 years, predominantly providing professional Engineering Design & Development services.  Using the latest in CAD/CAM software for Mechanical, Structural, Dynamic, Fluid & Thermo Dynamics. Love finding solutions to Engineering problems & love a challenge.

How did your business start?

After working at Corse Automotive & Motorsport as an Engineer (aka Machinist, Fabricator, Mechanic etc, in other words whatever was required), a large project was coming to an end, and the need for Corse to have a full-time Engineer was no longer justified. Owner Mick suggested I get an ABN & he would use my services as needed, and has. Within a week this was done & Perusic Engineering was born.

That was 10 years ago now, and within 2 weeks I had picked up a variety of clients which challenged PE for the next 7 years. During this time I also continued to do work for Corse on a variety of projects on a part-time basis.

Several years ago, a few things simultaneously happened which changed the course of PE.

Firstly manufacturing here in Australia was fast diminishing, and secondly I was fitting a Pedal Box to a racecar. This Pedal Box was purchased and was claimed to fit quite easily and be adjustable to suit. During this project I spent about 10 days remanufacturing much of the Pedal Box components & systems “when it dawned on me”……I had many issues over the years with this sort of thing & thought “there must be a better way”. This drove the creation of the new generation Racing Pedal Box and the PE Racing brand.

Our decision to invest, develop & ultimately manufacture was an alignment which would allow us to contribute to the Motorsport community, staying true to our passion, support local manufacturing and ensure we have an income stream. We have several other new products in mind, but needing a return on this one to move on.

This project has been an expensive venture consuming many $k’s, initially not fully budgeted for, but we did commit to what we started, and here we are now. We have Manual & Auto Kits in Cable or DBW throttle systems. They have been through torture, as we have had a test rig allowing Drivers to try them: many have been actually trying to break them by pushing way outside the window of real operation.

What are the key elements your pedal box bring to Time Attack racing?

Reduced weight, High Strength, Improving Driver Performance, Reliability
1. Firstly reduced weight & High Strength

Our Manual kit weighs a remarkable 4lb 7oz (2kg) net, and only 7lb 11oz (3.5kg) all included.

Our Auto kit weighs a remarkable 3lb 8oz (1.5kg) net, and only 5lb 8oz (2.5kg) all included.

Don’t be fooled as this lightweight is extremely rigid & strong, many drivers comment on the stiffness, and then tried to break them. We have registered nearly 5000psi line pressures from some drivers trying to bust them: we have also had a fair go at trying the same ourselves.
2. Reduced installed weight

Our design mounts via two separate pivoted feet which transfer reaction loads via a trussed frame via titanium pins. This reduces the floor forces from the pedals due to the increased mounting span, thus eliminating the need for excessive floor stiffening, and also reducing the need to add more weight as a result.

3. Improved Driver performance

Important elements, functionality & adjustability both affect driver’s performance. We designed this with comfort and function in mind. Fundamentally the entire design concept & features were driven by performance. More on that after, but more info can be seen in a video we made, this can be seen at https://youtu.be/uFjLl0phlxg

How does what you do benefit your Time Attack customers?

1. The Pedal Box reduces installed weight along with having many adjustable features. The driver can achieve optimum pedal settings for increased driver performance. Precise throttle control is easily achieved via the PE linkage system. Brake Modulation provides consistent bias percentage. We make ourselves available for complete installations of Pedal Box to Brake Calipers.

2. As an Engineering business, we offer professional services which are aimed at providing our customers with relevant information & advice, enabling them to make the right choices, not guesses. We are backed by a good technical understanding of Engineering principles & years of Motorsport experience.

How is your pedal box different to others on the market?

  1. Fitment:

Fitment does not require stiff flat surfaces, but rather adapts via two separate pivoted mounting feet. Reduced workshop costs by eliminating modifications.

2. Lightweight Install:

Lighter & stronger due to manufacturing techniques & materials selected.

3. Adjustability range is not matched by any existing brand, pedals can be adjusted 3 ways being longitudinal, vertical & pitch via our unique pedal design.

4. Function & Pedal Adjustments:

Functionality is not compromised when pedal positioning adjustments are made, as our pedal faces are independent of the lever’s mechanical functions, the optimum geometric alignments will remain.

5. Compact Design:

The more compact a design, the less weight is needed to achieve sufficient strength.

The compact design works on the principle of sufficient “combined mechanical advantage”. We have decreased the mechanical pedal ratio, but increased the hydraulic ratio thus achieving a compact design that matches the overall output of pressure/volume of others in the market.

Many think that a high pedal ratio is required, but as the driver’s foot movement is limited, ultimately the travel length of a master cylinder is limited based on the ratio used. We have increased the master cylinder travel length while reducing the bore size to achieve this. The benefit is a more compact design.

6. Brake Modulation:

Our brake lever is designed in such a way that ideal integration to master cylinders is not compromised. This allows for consistent bias percentage during modulation and also a “close to linear pedal force/pressure curve”, resulting in improved driver control and feedback.

7. Throttle Control:

We have a unique linkage design, allowing both Ratio adjustments and Progression adjustments to be made easy without the need to dismantle.

We have an optional Drive by Wire version which caters for Fly by Wire applications, which also has ratio & progression adjustments built in (but generally, tuning will then be done via an ECU).

8. Pedal Stops:

Included in our design are built in stops high in the frame, this results in eliminating the chance of floor debris fouling or limiting pedal movements.

What are the benefits of using a pedal box and how do they work?

  • Easy mounting & reduced workshop costs.
  • Lightweight install, improving performance.
  • Increased driver performance due to optimized pedal positioning.
  • Improved throttle control allow the driver to improve throttle application during corners.
  • Optimized brake bias, allows consistency during modulation of brakes.
  • Adjustments to Pedal positions, Clutch Stop, Brake Bias, Throttle Ratio, Throttle Progression are all made easy, not requiring dismantling.
  • Adjustments made will not affect the critical & intended alignments to master cylinders.

How is your pedal box installed?

Easy with little effort & cost. A fully detailed Installation Manual can be downloaded via our website peracing.com.au The manual also includes pictures, tips, advice & technical information.

 What do you enjoy about being involved with Time Attack series?

Meeting likeminded Motorsport enthusiasts like me which share a common passion. Seeing the new levels and advancements made every year. Opportunity for passionate & competitive people to showcase their concepts & creativity. As an Engineering business, we enjoy the constant challenge of creating engineering solutions.

What are some new/interesting technologies you’re seeing coming into Time Attack?

Engine & Transmission components to handle the power improvements each year. Aerodynamics, improvements & refinements are constantly being explored. Materials & Components such as our Pedal Box allowing further weight reduction.

Can you tell us about some Time Attack vehicles you have been involved with?

Several cars still in the build stage, supporting them with our PE Racing Pedals, most will compete next year. Design & build of Brian Bugh’s R35 GTR, still in progress for next year. Rebuild of Steve Ka’s R34 GTR, revising mechanical & fluid systems for improved efficiency, fabricating the rest. Still a bit to do before testing, then further development can start. Designing turbo manifold components, intake systems and dry sump systems for clients like SME & Hi Octane, widely used in Time Attack cars. We design & develop, they manufacture & supply. Currently working with Samsonas Transmissions on development of shift systems, can’t say much on that one.  Involvement with MotoIQ on their Spoon project, fastest front wheel drive in USA, again with our pedals. Yet to be seen, but will be unveiled at SEMA coming up.

What advice have you got for people building their Time Attack cars?

Research, get creative, reduce weight, maximize on available aero & mechanical grip. Make a plan that is realistic, and monitor progress.

What is your future in Time Attack and where can you see the class as a whole going?

We have been a part of the event for past 3 years now, it has flown. It is our opinion that the sport will continue to grow exponentially. We are here for the long haul, many we have supported are not yet out of the woodwork, this is a testament of our commitment. Our design, development & fabrication services are available for those wanting to compete.