It’s the Jager Meister

Subaru owners are a different breed of racer with a passion for their flat four powered vehicles and a rivalry with their Japanese rally counterparts that ensures there will always be a top class build out there to take on the best EVO. This particular STi ensures the rivalry between those 2 marks will continue on into the future, and with more development on the way, this Jager Racing Subaru is bound to take the fight to Mitsubishi EVO.

Your Name: Mark Jager

Make: Subaru

Model: STI

What made you build a car for time attack?

I was running the car in HPDE and still daily driving it, I was looking for a way to do more and compete against others but yet keep my daily driven car from banging doors.

What series do you run the car in?

Global Time Attack and Redline Time Attack

Do you drive it yourself, if not, who drives it?

I drive the car myself and want to continually progress myself as a driver.

When was the build started and when did it finish?

The build from a daily driven street car to a dedicated time attack track car happened in the beginning of 2013. At this time major changes were done to ensure the most competitive car could be fielded. In between events we generally area always upgrading the car so the idea of being finished is not even on any horizon any time soon.

What are you currently working on to improve the car?

As of now we are working primarily on 2 fronts, suspension and aerodynamics. We have much to do on both of these to make a truly competitive Unlimited Time Attack car.

What are some future upgrades?

Some easy upgrades for the car would be subframes, transmission mount, and other tubular pieces. Aero changes are on the horizon as well as some sort of transmission upgrade.

Who are some people you’d like to thank?

This car could not have been built without Paul Leung of Yimi Sport Tuning.

I would also like to thank my wife Rachel, Ken Kasitz, Gil Martin, Aaron Gillis, Oscar Huicochea, Rami E and Joe Zuniga.



It starts at the core with an Outfront Motorsports Closed Deck block filled with JE Pistons, JE pro seal headgaskets, ACL race bearings, Supertech Valvetrain, K1 Crankshaft and GSC S2 Camshafts. What exits the motor it starts with the port job from SoCal porting and exits into a Full-Race Motorsports header, BorgWarner 9174EFR turbo and AEM Intakes filters. Fueling is provided by 2150cc Fuel Injector Clinic injectors which is fed by an Aeromotive Pro Series fuel pump and a Aeromotive Regulator. We always fill the motor with PurOl 20-50 motor oil.

Gearbox: A stock STI 6 speed

Clutch: ACT 6 puck clutch

Driveshafts: Driveshaft shop axles and carbon driveshaft

Differentials: OSGiken front and rear differentials


Front Brakes: AP Racing 6 piston

Rear Brakes: AP Racing

Front Uprights: OEM

Rear Uprights: OEM

Wishbones/arms: Whiteline Lateral Links and antisway bars

Dampers/Springs: Fortune Auto Dreadnaught Pro Coilovers with Swift Springs

Wheels: Yokohama Advan RGIII

Tyres: Hoosier A7


Roll Cage: Built by Pierce Motorsports

Steering Wheel: Sabelt

Seat: Sabelt

Harness: Sabelt

Dash: Stock

Logger: AEM AQ-1

Wiring/PDM: Stock


The aero has all been designed by Rami E utilizing pieces from Wasp Composites and APR Performance. The Splitter is a custom piece from Wasp Composites and it is a APR GT1000 Swan neck wing from APR. The flat bottom and diffuser was custom made at Yimi Sport Tuning from Rami’s design.