Devin Stiglitz Giles S2000

So we’ll be straight up. This aint the prettiest feature car of all time. Far from it. But what we love about this S2000 is that nothing is there that doesn’t need to be. If it doesn’t make the car faster, it’s not worried about. But for all the dirt and grime there is a certain elegance about this Honda S2000. You just need to look underneath the layers to realise that this build is all about the driving. The S2000 is one of the greatest sports car chassis ever produced and with a few basic mods in the right areas can become a formidable time attack weapon. Devin Giles show’s us his rough but track ready time attack build.

Your Name: Devin Stiglitz Giles

Make: Honda

Model: S2000 “Sheri”

What made you build a car for time attack?

I like Aero, ever since I saw Timeattack in person back in 2009 or 2010. It was raining that day but I still remember seeing all the cool looking cars at autobahn.

What series do you run the car in?

Gridlife Track Battle and Global Time Attack

Do you drive it yourself, if not, who drives it?

I’m the driver

When was the build started and when did it finish?

The build was started in 2012 and has slowly progressed into what you see today. With new products being introduced everyday, I don’t think Sheri will ever be finished.

What are you currently working on to improve the car?

Well the 2016 season is over for me so I’m currently working on maximizing the small things and changing a couple of big things.

What are some future upgrades?

Future upgrades consist of more tire, another 120hp, and lose some more weight.

Who are some people you’d like to thank?

TF Works, Radium engineering, Powerflex USA, Stance Suspension USA, CSF Radiators, Turbosmart, Kaze spec engineering, AEM Electronics, Garrett Turbo, Maxxis tires, Kaaz USA, Trackspec Motorsports, Speed academy


Engine: Oem unopened F20C, Nick named prison motor. Gtx3071 turbocharger, Doc race turbo manifold, Turbosmart blow off valve and 45mm wastegate. V-mounted CSF radiator and Garrett intercooler. Radium catch cans, surge tank, fuel rail, and fuel regulator. 3 inch back from turbo. Canton Racing oil pan and oil cooler.

Gearbox: Oem Honda 6 speed.

Clutch: Act unsprung full face clutch disc, act heavy duty pressure plate, competition clutch flywheel

Driveshafts: OEM


Front Brakes: Stop tech at 40 calipers and G loc r16 pads

Rear Brakes: G loc r14 pads

Front Uprights: OEM

Rear Uprights: OEM

Wishbones/arms: OEM

Dampers/Springs: Stance USA revalved coilovers with Swift springs (14k)

Wheels: 17×10 rpf1

Tyres: 255/40 Maxxis rc1


Roll Cage: Redmist automotive

Steering Wheel: Personal grinta

Seat: Racetech RT1000

Harness: Racetech 6 point

Dash: Aim MXL Stradda

Logger: AIM solo

Wiring/PDM: AEM infinity


TF works 3d splitter, kognition 68inch wing, mounted 1 inch above roofline and 2 inches back via kazespec wing stands. Kaze spec end plates, tire spats made out of aluminum, hood louvers from Trackspec Motorsports.