Henrik Ryberg’s BMW Z4


Your Name: Henrik Ryberg

Make: BMW

Model: Z4 E86

What made you build a car for time attack?

I like this form of racing. The combination of man and mashine ( driver/builder and car ) is like no other racing. With the fight at the first corner removed from ordinary racing you can put some more money and effort into the car with minimum risk. This is also a good thing about time attack.

What series do you run the car in?

Timeattacknu.se Series. The PRO class.

Do you drive it yourself, if not, who drives it?

I drive and build all by my self

When was the build started and when did it finish?

I started the build in 2014. Finish? what? 😉

What are you currently working on to improve the car?

Changing the engine concept to a shorter engine with more torque

What are some future upgrades?

Next on the wish-list is a fully sequential gearbox

Who are some people you’d like to thank?

Maxxtuning.se  My friends who help me in the workshop and Santa claus…


Engine: Nissan RB26. Forges CP pistons and Eagle rods. Flow optimized head with Tomei 270/10,8 camshafts. Raised compression ratio. Delphi 893cc injectors with E85 fuel. Garrett GTX3582R Turbo with homemade manifold. 683 Whp 869Nm @ 1,9 Bar. MaxxECU PRO Engine management system. Traction control and logging of all engine data. http://www.maxxtuning.eu/maxxecu/

Gearbox: Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T RWD

Clutch: Tilton 2 disc

Driveshafts: BMW Z4M


Front Brakes: Disc from BMW M3 E90 Caliper from Porsche 996 GT2

Rear Brakes: Disc from BMW M3 E46 Caliper from Porsche 996 GT2

Front Uprights: BMW M3 E36 modified to fit E46 Mc Pherson.

Rear Uprights: BMW Z4M

Wishbones/arms: Home made cr/mo pipe arms

Dampers/Springs: Öhlins TT44

Wheels: BC Forged Billet wheels 12×18″

Tyres: Toyo 888 335 rear 285 front


Roll Cage: Custom build / home made racing cage with GT spec. ( I welded and mounted myself. Finess rollcage – Sweden did the kit)

Steering Wheel: Sparco

Seat: Sparco Circuit

Harness: Sparco 6p

Dash: Nexus7/MaxxECU Mdash

Logger: MaxxECU, Race logic

Wiring/PDM: Home made


Complete GTR Kit from Flossmann – Germany. Same as the GT3 spec. for E86. Splitter 150mm Diffusor 150mm 80mm wider on each side.  Rear wing from Porche 911 RSR 2010 with home made brackets of laser cut aluminium. Stabled by 2mm wires in a X.

Other notes:

The RB is sold. I have now bought a Porsche M48.50 V8 from Cayenne Turbo. This with a BMW E60 530D 6 speed Gearbox, will be the new drivetrain for 2017. The engine is 13cm shorter and weight is about the same. The gearbox is 3kgs lighter. The plan is about 700Whp and oceans of torque. The future will tell…