Gian Barbero’s S2000 Time Attack Build

Photo: Robertino Boscolo

Your Name: Gian Giacomo Barbero

Make: Honda

Model: S2000

What made you build a car for time attack?

It can be said that it was inevitable, who has always loved cars and motorsport, having also studied and worked in the past in the field of car design here in Italy, to think and build a car to give the other rein greatest passion, drive. The classic motorsport was unapproachable, so the challenge to prove to themselves that I can build a fast car planning myself and to be able to take it to the limit always myself as driver, was the main reason.

What series do you run the car in?

I run the Italian Time Attack championship, TAI.  Would like to run also in ETAC next year, the European Time Attack.

Do you drive it yourself, if not, who drives it?

Yes, i’m the driver.

When was the build started and when did it finish?

The build started in 2013 after purchasing a ready track car, minor surgery and sporadic investments in the first year. The real rebuild started last year in 2015 and i think the finish is a legend, does not really exist!

What are you currently working on to improve the car?

The car today is very balanced and competitive, as well as reliable.

What are some future upgrades?

We are thinking and working on several points, thinking 2017. The main goal is to improve everything with balance, from engine to suspension and aero.

Who are some people you’d like to thank?

I have to thank many partner and people, thanks for all, without your support, none of this would be possible:

Alessandro Brusciani – Garage Caldè, “the master” best Honda engine specialist in Italy

Marco Quaglia – Qsetup, “the king of setup” for giving me always a perfect suspension setup

Paolo Bruno Valota – VPS workshop, for having studied and worked perfectly my suspension together with Marco Qsetup

Mike Michael – Superlap Cyprus, for giving me always top product to build the car

Olivia and Serse – J-Spec performance, for giving me top aero product

Patrick – Urge design, for giving me perfect brake power and balance

Andrea Scorrano – TAI motorsport, who always organizes Time Attack events to top

Luca Beani – ShootmePGK, for give me always top pictures and video of the car!

Daniela Pesavento – my wife, always supporting me and my passion 😀

Then I have to thank many people who, in one way or another, have helped or worked on the car taking part in the project, Antonello Scotto, Andrea Mazzoli, Jimmy, and friends who have supported rooting me on track during this year, Giorgio, Eleonora, Diego, Claudia, Igor and much more


-oem unopened F20C
-custom worked head
-ferrea valves
-supertech valvesprings e retainers
-custom throttle body
-custom baffle oil pan
-custom oil cooler
-HKS gt supercharger
-HKS intercooler
-custom aluminium radiator
-AEM electronics ECU
-Injector dynamics 725cc injectors
-Walbro inline 255 external fuel pump
-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
-Fujitsubo exhaust header
-custom AG works exhaust system
-Ballade sports timing chain tensioner and timing gear
-electric water pump
-lightweight service pulley

-oem Honda 6 speed
-fidanza lightweight flywheel

Clutch: racing single disc and pressure plate

Driveshafts: oem Honda


Front Brakes: Ap Racing by Essex/Urge Design j-hook rotors with Ferodo dsuno pads

Rear Brakes: flow vented rotors by Urge Design with ferodo ds1.11 pads

Front Uprights: oem Honda

Rear Uprights: oem Honda

Wishbones/arms: oem Honda

Dampers/Springs: Ohlins R&T reworked with custom springs

Wheels: Wedssport TC-105n 18×9,5

Tyres: 265/35 18 Dunlop Direzza


Roll Cage: custom AG works

Steering Wheel: Sparco 300mm flat suede

Seat: Recaro Hans pro racer

Harness: Schroth racing hans 6 point

Dash: oem Honda

Logger: Racelogic Vbox sport 20Hz

Wiring/PDM: AEM electronics ems series 2


-custom canards
-custom chassis mounted carbon fiber splitter
-custom carbon fiber hood
-J’s racing type-s front overfenders
-J’s racing type-s rear overfenders
-Spoon hardtop
-apr formula gt3 carbon fiber mirrors
-apr gt250 wing with custom stand
-dry carbon fiber r-performance trunk
-custom rear bumper cuts

Other notes:
-Innovative engine mounts
-Innovative gearbox mounts
-Innovative lsd mounts
-custom swirl-pot system
-4.4 final drive
-Os Giken spec-x 1,5 way LSD
-Odissey drycell light battery
-custom subframe collars
-J’s racing front roll center adjuster
-roll center spacer plates
-custom driveshaft spacers
-Takata front e rear tow hook
-aerocatch hood pins
-buddyclub shiftknob type A
-OMP electronic fire extinguisher system
-custom front brake duct system
-custom rear brake duct system
-inside rear view camera
-electric water pump controller
-custom shiftlight
-led lifeline rainlight
-lightweight windscreen fan system
-lexan windows