Archie Bain’s WRX Time Attack Build

This might not seem like your typical extreme WRX time attack build, but this car has been developed year on year. These WRX are the lightest of all the WRX’s ever made and as such can make for extremely quick time attack builds. Frankly we’re surprised more people aren’t building these, with the amount of after market bolt on power, suspension and brakes it’s then just making them all work together with decent aero. And that is exactly what Archie has planned for his Scotland based build, big aero plans ahead will mean this is one Subaru to look out for on the UK time attack scene in the future.

Your Name: Archie Bain
Make: Subaru
Model: Impreza Type RA

What made you build a car for time attack?

I have been competing in Hill Climbs and sprints for a number of years in road car classes but in 2010 decided to move the car into modified classes so started a total bare shell rebuild. The car is not used in Time Attack although it could be but is currently used in Super Lap Scotland series which is a similar format to Time attack and the Scottish Hill Climb and sprint Championship. The car has naturally evolved from a road car into what it is now a lightweight track focused car. Producing 500 BHP+ at the wheels and weights 1080kg.

What series do you run the car in?

Super Lap Scotland and the Scottish Hill Climb and sprint Championship.

Do you drive it yourself, if not, who drives it?

Yes drive it myself

When was the build started and when did it finish?

Initial build started in 2007 and has developed every year since and will continue to be developed.

What are you currently working on to improve the car?

Front and rear Aero, new fuel tank, new dampers and more power.

What are some future upgrades?

Continued handling improvements with the assistance of Whiteline and Chevron Motorsports, more power with assistance from AS Performance and Owen Developments and the inevitable fight to keep reducing weight.

Who are some people you’d like to thank?

Graeme Jeram at Whiteline, Alyn Stockton at AS Performance, Simon Stanley at Chevron Motorsport and Lee Owen at Owen Developments.


Engine:Subaru EJ22T 2.2Lt closed deck Block, EJ257 heat treated crank, Lateral Performance/Wiseco custom 2.35Lt piston Kit, Crower Billet H section stroker rods ACL race series bearing, As Performance modified bearing oil path, AS Performance 14mm head stud kit. 2.5 STI single AVCS heads, extensively ported and polished, Supertech inlet and exhaust valves, double valve springs, titanium retainers, bronze valve guides and Kelford R-199-C cams with heads modified for clearance.

Owen Developments GT30 based rotated M-Spec custom build turbo.

Gearbox: Standard 2007 STI DCCD 6 speed gearbox with rear R180 STI 3.54 diff with KAAZ 1.5 way plated diff unit.

Clutch: Exedy twin plate

Driveshafts: Standard Subaru rear R180 shafts and Front 2.5 WRX shafts.


Front Brakes: AP CP5555 6 pot calipers with PF rotors and Pagid RST3 pads

Rear Brakes: AP CP7615 4 pot calipers and AP discs and Pagid RST3 pads

Front Uprights: 2008 Subaru hatchback

Rear Uprights: 2004 STI R180

Wishbones/arms: Front Whiteline/Chevron Motorsport modified high castor front arms, Whiteline motorsport bushes all round and Whiteline adjustable lateral arms, whiteline roll bars and drop links.

Dampers/Springs: : KW Clubsport coilovers with Whiteline motorsport Max C front adjustable top mounts and Noltec rear adjustable top mounts. These will be changed in January to a set of Whiteline Competition 3 way dampers.

Wheels: Team Dynamics Pro race 1.2  9Jx17 ET 30

Tyres: Toyo R888 or Dunlop X22 depending on race series.


Roll Cage: Safety devices Q023

Steering Wheel: OMP WRC 330mm

Seat: Cobra Suzuka

Dash: Aim Strada

Logger: Syvecs S6 ECU with data logging

Wiring/PDM: Custom self wired


Not much at the minute but have front splitter which extends back to just behind front door jam and rear diffuser with boxed in sides.

Next year I will have a proper DJ Engineering SM183 high downforce wing, front canard assembly with side fences along with reworked front splitter and rear diffuser.