About Us

What is Time Attack Builders?

Time attack builders is a website purely dedicated to the sport of Time Attack at an international level. From time attack car builds to the products used in them. From the people who build them to the people who engineer or drive them. We’ll endeavour to bring a fresh look to the time attack scene from different points of view around the world.

What is Time Attack?

Well it changes slightly from country to country when it comes to the final rules and regulations, but in a nutshell it’s a motorsport competition where cars circulate on a given circuit and the fastest car over a single lap is declared the winner. It’s like one big giant qualifying session.

Why is Time Attack so popular?

Time Attack is popular amongst drivers, engineers and fans because of it’s open rules. The rules allow anyone to compete and be competitive with creative solutions. The wide variety of cars allow the fans to be entertained and cars gain cult followings, usually for being different, outside the box or just plain extreme. The category is dominated by aero and huge horsepower, but limited by the tyres they use, which makes for very exciting viewing. Time Attack has its home in Japan where is was started in the early 90s and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Time Attack Builders aim to bring you the best the world has to offer in Time Attack, from the cars, to the events, drivers, teams and motorsport products dedicated to it.